Gear in ::ICEHAUS:IV:: studio
Card Carrying Certified Gear Whore.

Synthesizers, Keyboards, and Samplers
::Korg Oasys PCI
::Creamware Pulsar I w/ Modular III
::Clavia/Nord Modular G2 keyboard
::Yamaha DX7IID (as a controller)
::ARP 2600 w/duophonic keyboard (#261125)
::Analogue Systems, Analogue Solutions, Doepfer, PlanB, Bananalogue, Voxglitch Modular w/midi
::Korg MS20
::EML Polybox
::Moog MiniMoog (#10807)
::Sequential Circuits Pro One
::Waldorf Q Rack (16 voice, blue)
::Roland SH101
::Roland Juno 106
::x0xb0x (#36)
::Bent Speak & Read, Speak & Math
::Midibox SID-NUXX C64 synthesizer
::MIDINES 8bit nintendo synthesizer

Drum Machines, Drum stuff, and Sequencers
::Korg Electribe ER1
::Korg Electribe ESX
::Emu SP1200
::Roland TR808
::Roland TR909
::Roland TR707
::Simmons SDS1000
::Tama TS306 (midi added)
::Waldorf Rack Attack
::Univox (Korg) Minipops 3
::Univox (Korg) Minipops 7
::Frostwave FatController
::FutureRetro Mobius

Computers & Software
::Shuttle minipc P4 2.5GHz win2k, running Logic, Live, and plugins
::iBookG4/FW410 running Logic, Live, Numerology, and plugins
::Win98 pc and B&W G3 300 with 15" lcd screens for Oasys PCIs
::Korg Legacy Collection (w/MS20 controller)

::JBL 4206

Sound Processors & Manglers
::Bixonic Expandora Distortion
::Bi-Amp SR240 stereo spring reverb
::Ross Distortion/Phaser
::EH Small Stone Phaser
::Roland DC30 Analog Delay & Chorus (w/voltage ctrl)
::Roland SBF-325 Flanger (w/voltage ctrl)
::Boss RPH-10 Phaser
::Boss ROD-10 Distortion
::Alesis Ineko MultiFX

Interfaces & Synchronizers
::Korg 880 A/D (2x)
::Midiman usb2x2 (3x)
::Midiman usb8x8
::Kenton Pro2 midi to cv/gate
::Korg KMP68 midi patchbay
::Kawai MV8 midi patchbay
::Ensoniq KMX8 midi patchbay
::Ensoniq KMX16 midi patchbay
::Neutrik 48-pt 1/4" TRS patchbays (2x)